What do we really need for a fine and good looking bag? It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and complexity of the design. And the fine balance of good looks and easy care material. It’s all started by stripping off the unnecessary elements, colours  and graphics. Then we found the beauty in the material’s texture and properties.  Then the countless modification of sizes and shapes to make sure that we get the perfect bag for anyone. So when was the last time you enjoy carrying things around?

mini tote bag with front pocketmini_tote_with_pocket.html
Very big tote bagExtra_big_tote.html
mini tote bagmini_tote_bag.html
tote with side pocketstote_with_side_pocket.html
long tote baglong_tote_bag.html
box tote bagbox_tote_bag.html
designs and functionsdesigns.html